Sabalenka Opens Up About Desire To Prove She Wasn't A One-Slam Wonder

Sabalenka Opens Up About Desire To Prove She Wasn't A One-Slam Wonder

by Zachary Wimer

Any tennis player that wins a Grand Slam hopes it's not the only time they win it, and that was the case for Aryna Sabalenka as well.

The Belarusian won her maiden Grand Slam last year when she bested Elena Rybakina in the final at the Australian Open. It was a complicated final as it required her to come back from a set down, but it was the pivotal moment of her career.

Things improved dramatically after that for Sabalenka, who put together a great year. She missed out on the final at Roland Garros and lost the US Open final, so there was some fear that she might remain at only one.

It was an irrational fear, of course, but every player has it. Nobody wants to be that one-hit wonder, and as of Saturday, January 27th, 2024, Sabalenka isn't a one-hit wonder.

"It's been in my mind that I didn't want to be that player who win it and then disappeared. I just wanted to show that I'm able to be consistently there and I'm able to win another one. I really hope that more, more than two right now, but for me was really important."

Even after winning her second major, Sabalenka aims to win more. Working hard and being disciplined was part of that, and it worked out. She has two now and will be eyeing number three.

She has three more chances to do it in 2024, and even if she doesn't, there still a long way to go for the 25-year-old.

"That's why, no matter what the result, like, win or lose, we are always working hard, we always looking for things to improve in my game. It's all about the process and make sure that, about the discipline, make sure that you're always there, you always show up, and you always work hard."


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