Sabalenka 'Feels Like Representing The Tour' After Becoming World No. 1

Sabalenka 'Feels Like Representing The Tour' After Becoming World No. 1

by Sebastian Dahlman

Aryna Sabalenka thinks that being number one on the WTA Tour carries a bit more responsibility as she's kind of representing the Tour right now.

The number one ranked player in the world is technically the face of the sport and has his face plastered all over ads for events and the sport in general. It makes perfect sense that people see you as the representative of the sport, and that's something that the Belarusian talked about at the 2023 China Open in Beijing.

As of recently, that position belongs to Aryna Sabalenka, who became world number one after the US Open. It was the fulfilment of her long-time dream, and it made her very happy. Now it's time to adjust to that as she hopes to remain number one for a very long time.

Well, it just sounds still crazy. I feel like I have a lot of responsibility right now on being No. 1. I feel like kind of representing the tour. Honestly, it's something new for me and still kind of like trying to, I don't know, just trying to understand if it's actually changing anything.

Sabalenka on being number one

It's a normal process for all players because nobody really knows what it's like to be number one until they become it. Nothing really changed for Sabalenka, as she proved by smashing Sofia Kenin in her first match as number one. The mindset is not changing, but certainly, a career milestone that she'll remember for the rest of her life.

Overall it's not changing anything. Like, I was No. 2, now I'm No. 1. I'm still going to be there. I'm still going to be fight for it. It's not changing anything. You know, I can say after my career, I can say that, Yeah, I've been world No. 1. It sounds cool, right (smiling)?

Sabalenka's mindset


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