'Retired Too Early': Serena Williams Shares Hilarious Interaction With Fan

'Retired Too Early': Serena Williams Shares Hilarious Interaction With Fan

Serena Williams is a retired player, though according to one fan, she shouldn't be, which would probably find the approval of many.

The 23-time Grand Slam champion is probably the best woman to ever step on the tennis court and compete on the WTA Tour, but according to some, Williams misses that one Grand Slam to prove that.

As of last year's US Open, Serena Williams is officially a retired player though the American is never quite far away from the sport. Her shadow looms large over the WTA Tour and there doesn't go by a week that Serena is not mentioned in some way or another.

She was present at a WTA event recently, and it was to watch her sister Venus Williams make a return to the sport following a long injury absence. She didn't make the trip to London for Wimbledon as she's currently pregnant and expecting to give birth to her second child later this year.

In the meantime, Serena is keeping busy, and she shared a fan interaction from a bookstore recently. According to Serena, a fan told her that she shouldn't have retired from the sport and it's something many fans could agree upon. Williams is truly missed on the Tour not just by the fans, but also by fellow competitors.

She could be good again as her former coach Rick Macci claimed that she could not only win Grand Slams if she played but also be number one. There is always the chance that Serena comes back after her second pregnancy.

She's not the youngest anymore, but we've seen stranger things happen. Caroline Wozniacki is back, and Milos Raonic is back as well, so why couldn't Serena Williams come back? Well, that would certainly be a wish of one of the fans, as she revealed.

"I was at a book store the other day and someone came up to me and said I retired too early…"


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