Raducanu's Comeback Plans 'Fallen Behind Schedule' And Early Return Now 'Highly Doubtful'

Raducanu's Comeback Plans 'Fallen Behind Schedule' And Early Return Now 'Highly Doubtful'

by Evita Mueller

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Emma Raducanu was supposed to make an official tennis return next month in Macau, but that doesn't seem likely after another setback in her recovery.

The story of Emma Raducanu has been a strange one; from the sensational start to the crash this year. Not much is her fault really, because she endured multiple injuries that required three different surgeries to fix.

That happened earlier this year, and the Brit slowly made her way back onto the courts. She started practicing and was set to make a return to tennis next month in Macau, but that doesn't seem likely, according to recent reports.

She is keen to make a comeback, detailing her struggle with boredom in a recent interview, but it was always going to be a complicated recovery. Some former players urged her not to rush the comeback until she's truly ready and that seems likely.

She's not one to rush anything, and returning for the sake of returning makes very little sense. It seems like the return will come a bit later anyway.

According to Mike Dickson of the Daily Mail, Raducanu suffered a setback with her wrist six weeks ago, which pushed back her scheduled return. The report didn't really indicate when she might return, but the Australian Open might be a realistic target.

It is understood that plans for her comeback have fallen behind schedule following a setback in the wrist area about six weeks ago, and it is now highly doubtful that she will play in an exhibition event in Macau that was due to see her return on December 2.

Mike Dickson of The Daily Mail

Wrist issues have risen dramatically this year, which many blame on the tennis balls, and Raducanu might have fallen victim to that as well. We'll see what happens with her return, but the tennis balls are set to remain a highly controversial topic in the tennis world.


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