Emma Raducanu To Undergo 3 Surgeries Out 'For a Few Months'

Emma Raducanu To Undergo 3 Surgeries Out 'For a Few Months'

by Sebastian Dahlman

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Fans won't see Emma Raducanu on the WTA Tour for some time after she has to undergo three surgeries to solve her injuries.

In a challenging turn of events for the rising star, Emma Raducanu confirmed that she has to undergo surgical procedures on both wrists and has one due on her ankle, leaving her unable to compete in the Roland Garros and Wimbledon.

The 20-year-old British player's injuries have been a persistent issue since her extraordinary US Open win in 2021, causing her to withdraw from events such as the Madrid Open and plummeting her ranking out of the world's Top 100.

Raducanu took to social media to announce the minor procedures on her wrists, expressing her disappointment at having to sit out for the next few months. While the exact timeframe for her return to the court remains unclear, Raducanu confirmed that she would not participate in either the French Open or Wimbledon, both of which take place this summer.

"It is safe to say the last 10 months have been difficult as I dealt with a recurring injury on a bone of both hands. I tried my best to manage the pain and play through it for most of this year and end of last year by reducing practice load dramatically, missing weeks of training as well as cutting last season short to try helt it, unfortunately it's not enough."

"I’m having a minor procedure done on both hands to resolve the issues. I’m disappointed to share that I will be out for the next few months and while I am at it will have another minor procedure that is due on my ankle."

"It pains me that I will miss the summer events and I tried to downplay the issues, so I thank all my fans who continued to support me when you did not know the facts. Looking forward to seeing you all back out there."


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