'Hard Not To Get Bored': Raducanu Details Struggles During Injury Comeback

'Hard Not To Get Bored': Raducanu Details Struggles During Injury Comeback

by Evita Mueller

Emma Raducanu is gearing up for a return to tennis soon, and it's a happy time for her because that's what she likes to do the most.

Raducanu has always been a very active person, so this injury comeback was pretty tough on her. Besides the obvious, she simply struggled to find interesting things to do because most of the interesting things she does are usually very active things.

She's not used to sedentary activities, but it was needed immediately after her surgeries because she had triple surgery, so the recovery was never going to be that quick.

She tried her best and, in a recent interview, revealed what she did during that time away from the tennis court, as the 20-year-old played her last match on the WTA Tour back in April, when she lost to Jelena Ostapenko at the 2023 Porsche Tennis Grand Prix.

It was difficult to train after the surgeries, so it was very sedentary in the beginning. Through the whole period, I’ve been doing a lot off court, reading a lot and mentally, watching some tennis. Mentally, I feel like I’m in a better place to compete now than I ever have been before since the US Open.

Raducanu on her injury comeback

Her comeback in Australia has already garnered a lot of attention, even though she's yet to even stand on a tennis court again. Raducanu has been quite popular and certainly always a topic in tennis ever since she won the US Open a few years ago.

We'll see what happens once she finally returns, but the expectations are high. She had plenty of time to get her body right. She had time to really get her mind right and sort of digest the whirlwind which her career was ever since the US Open.


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