'Say Bye To Your Wrists & Elbows': Kasatkina Slams Tennis Balls

'Say Bye To Your Wrists & Elbows': Kasatkina Slams Tennis Balls

by Evita Mueller

Daria Kasatkina added her name to the growing list of players that slammed the current tennis balls highlighting their impact on their joints.

The list of players complaining about the tennis balls in use this year is very long. It started a long time ago with Daniil Medvedev and, since then, has grown to include players on both sides of tennis. The only player who said anything remotely positive about the balls is Aryna Sabalenka, admitting that they help her game even though they are hard on the body.

She then criticized them in Beijing recently, so they don't work after all. Well, that's the chief complaint as we see more and more players going down with elbow and wrist injuries, which likely has to do with the heavy balls that create more wear and tear on the joints.

Add to that the longer matches, which is another consequence, and it's not good, which is why Kasatkina spoke about it in a recent vlog on her YouTube channel.

I remind you, there are different courts, I’ll open a secret, when they write that surface is hard, it’s not always the same surface, it’s like the same, but it can be faster or slower depending on who they bought it from, etc.

So, each tournament can have different surface, for example, now in Tokyo was very fast. How it will be in Beijing now, I already don’t remember, will see, maybe changed something. Of course, different ball, in this series of tournaments, out of the four tournaments that I will play, 4 different balls. Say bye to your shoulders, wrists, elbows, and most importantly, mentality. Let’s go.

It's similar to what Taylor Fritz said of the US Open series where he played with four different tennis balls in a very period of time which is all sorts of problematic. It's likely that tennis will have to do something about it because this status quo is not manageable, especially if players keep talking about it.


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