Raducanu Told 'She Doesn't Need To' Play Every Week Despite Recent Success

Raducanu Told 'She Doesn't Need To' Play Every Week Despite Recent Success

by Zachary Wimer

Emma Raducanu has played a lot of tennis lately as her comeback continues, but according to British Billie Jean King Cup Captain Anne Keothavong, she doesn't need to play every week.

Raducanu generally doesn't play too much tennis, but she has been playing a lot of tennis this year, relatively speaking. If we compare this workload to her previous ones, then it is a bit on the high side, but she's a young player who can certainly handle it.

Her body has betrayed her in the past, as she had to undergo triple surgery last year, but overall, she's been handling many matches quite well in a short period of time.

British Billie Jean King Cup captain Anne Keothavong doesn't think she needs to play weekly, though, even if she has a burning desire to play as much as possible after missing a lot of time last year.

"When you've had a period of time on the sidelines you soon realise how much you miss the sport and how much you want to be out there competing, and despite having nothing to defend for the rest of the year I don't think we're going to see her playing week in, week out for the rest of the year. She doesn't need to."

Keothavong spent a lot of time with Raducanu during the recent Billie Jean King Cup Qualifiers tie against France. Raducanu was the MVP for her country, winning both singles matches, which were crucial for the country to book its place in Seville.

Keothavong admitted that she was impressed with Raducanu's work this year, especially after getting a closer look at her during the BJKC.

"She already touched on the fact that 'I don't need matches to feel confident, I can get it from practice' and having seen some of the sessions she's been putting in with [coach] Nick Cavaday at the National Tennis Centre, the work she's doing with Ian Aylward - the fitness trainer - she's loving it."

"And also, for me, it was refreshing to hear her talk about her tennis. That week at the Billie Jean King Cup. She knew who she was playing and had tough matches ahead but [her attitude was] 'it's alright, I'm hitting the ball really well, I'm playing points really well. I'm going to be fine' which is a different approach this year she's taken - just having that inner belief in her confidence to trust herself."


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