Raducanu Remembers 'Horrible' Last Year's Wimbledon Experience

Raducanu Remembers 'Horrible' Last Year's Wimbledon Experience

by Zachary Wimer

Emma Raducanu didn't have a great time at Wimbledon last year, but thankfully, this year will be much more enjoyable for her.

At last year's Wimbledon, Raducanu was away from tennis due to her injuries and the triple surgery she underwent a few months prior. She was present as an ambassador for bands that sponsor her and she found the experience very miserable, being unable to compete.

Seeing the beautiful green courts and all the players playing made her feel like she was really missing out, which is why this year's Wimbledon will be all the sweeter for her. She's fully healthy and will be back on the courts to play tennis, which is how she likes her Wimbledon's. Being on the sidelines wasn't fun at all, as she recently disclosed as per iNews.

"I came to Wimbledon for a few days because I had some commitments. It was horrible. I think I’m just so grateful to be on the other side of it. Going there was really rubbing salt into the wound but I guess it was part of my obligations to do it and I’m just very happy to be actually playing."

Raducanu talks her 2023 Wimbledon expereience

Not only is she fully healthy, but she's also playing at a really decent level, which should excite all tennis fans. The Brit will attempt to win at least a couple of matches, even though it won't be easy, as her first match will be against Ekaterina Alexandrova, a very good grass tennis player.

Raducanu is confident after playing good tennis in Nottingham and Eastbourne. However, delivering on the court is something else. There will be a fair amount of pressure on her to do well as arguably the top name from her country, but she's proven in the past that she can handle pressure—not always, but for the most part.


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