"People might look at me like crazy" - Raducanu on coaching decisions

"People might look at me like crazy" - Raducanu on coaching decisions

by Drew Tate

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Emma Raducanu understands that she surprised many with some of her choices but the Brit is confident in the decision she made.

Being a teenage grand slam winner is something not many have done and despite many thinking, Raducanu is making wrong choices the Brit si confident that is not the case. After all, it worked out really well so far for her and it's hard to doubt her. Speaking to WSJ Magazine Raducanu admitted that she understands her coaching decision has left many surprised:

"That is definitely a journey [where] I’m learning on the way but it’s just what works for me as an individual. It might not work for anyone else and people might look at me like I’m crazy but I trust my own decision-making and my own beliefs of what I think is right for myself. I’m pretty confident in how I’m working and my mindset and outlook towards how I’m approaching my tennis right."

Raducanu also revealed some interesting facts about her life explaining that she brings her own milk so she can have the same coffee every day. She also eats the same dinner every day during events while also enjoying smoked salmon often.

The teenager then described a typical training week, complete with waking up, doing a 20-30 minute warm-up and then going on court for an hour and a half, followed by 90 minutes in the gym. She admitted that her training routine is 'pretty intense' and it can be tiring, adding that her rest days are much needed. Outside of training, the tennis star loves to do yoga, adding that it helps her to stay flexible and it is very calming for her.


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