Pegula Needs To Stop 'Playing Safe' To Achieve Major Success Says Navratilova

Pegula Needs To Stop 'Playing Safe' To Achieve Major Success Says Navratilova

by Sebastian Dahlman

Martina Navratilova wants to see Jessica Pegula get out of her comfort zone in order to make the next step in tennis.

Pegula has been one of the best tennis players in the world for about two years now. The American has had a fair bit of success but has yet to really make a significant impact on the WTA Tour.

The talent is there, but according to former player Martina Navratilova, she needs to push herself out of her comfort zone. The American is indeed a sort of predictable player because there is very little variety coming from her.

There is plan A, and when it fails, then you don't really see a different plan. According to Navratilova, who previewed her chances ahead of the 2023 WTA Finals for the WTA, she plays it too safe.

Jessie still needs to get out of her comfort zone. When push comes to shove, she plays it safe -- and she needs to not do that. Playing it safe, she’s not going to beat the players that are ranked higher than her.

She compared her to Simona Halep because she saw the same thing with the Romanian. When Halep started to be more aggressive and actually go for it in the big moments then when results came.

It was kind of like that with Simona Halep. Early on at Wimbledon, in the big moments, she backed away from the baseline. When she started being more aggressive positionally, crowding the baseline, that’s when she started winning majors. And I think Jessica needs to do the same.

She doesn’t have a huge weapon and can make up with it in more aggression, shot selection and court position. You don’t have to hit the ball harder, but hit it closer to the line. Sit down on the baseline to take time away from your opponent.


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