"I was about to smash all my rackets" - Pegula On Staging Sensational Comeback

"I was about to smash all my rackets" - Pegula On Staging Sensational Comeback

by Sebastian Dahlman

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Jessica Pegula was seconds away from smashing all of her racquets after nearly throwing away a huge lead only to come back and win in spectacular fashion.

Pegula won the opening set against Irina Begu quite easily at the Charleston Open and she cruised in the second one too. However, things quickly turned around with the Romanian player taking the second set by flipping a 0-4 deficit into a 6-4 set.

Begu won six games in a row and it left Pegula furious considering she was only a few games away from victory. Things looked even worse when Begu went up 4-0 in the final set but then Pegula flipped the match around with a spectacular comeback winning six games in a row herself.

I have no idea, honestly. I don’t know at one point I was about to smash all my rackets and the next thing you know I’m here so that sentence though it’s never over till it’s over.

Pegula struggled to explain what had happened and I'm sure most of us would have been the same. It wasn't something you see often on a tennis court but it also demonstrated how much confidence matters to tennis and how quickly things can turn around.

I mean, I just tried to get one game coz there’s a lot of games that I lost in a row. So I tried to get one game, then I tried to finally hold one game and then I just kept it rolling. So I’m just glad I was able to get there.

It was a really strong comeback from Pegula who never lost faith in herself even though she was very frustrated by how things were going. She gave herself a small pat on the back after the match explaining that she's just tough. She moves on in Charleston hoping to go all the way.

I’m just tough. Imma tough it out and I’m not going to give it to you and even though I had a swing there, you know, I kind of went off and she started playing some great tennis. I’m just tough.


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