Paula Badosa vs Venus Williams: 2023 US Open - Preview & Prediction

Paula Badosa vs Venus Williams: 2023 US Open - Preview & Prediction

by Evita Mueller

Paula Badosa is returning to the tennis courts, and it's a pretty big match against Venus Williams at the 2023 US Open.

The Spanish player hasn't played since Wimbledon, where she played her first matches in two months. It's been a lot of 'dealing with injuries' for Badosa in the previous months as she struggles to keep herself healthy.

The hope is that this return goes better than the last one, which saw her get injured after only playing 1.5 matches. It's a great matchup against Venus Williams, a legendary player who might be playing her final US Open. She's not spoken about it nor confirmed it, but some have speculated that it might be the case.


This is a matchup that we haven't seen before on the WTA Tour, which is interesting, considering that both have been playing for a while. Stylistically, it's a matchup that should favour Badosa if she's healthy, but never underestimate the champion spirit of Venus Williams.


Expect great effort from the legendary player, especially if this is truly her last US Open. She'll be motivated regardless, and some of her recent performances should comfort fans that she'll do well. Badosa is coming from an injury, so she hasn't played in a while.

Rust will certainly be a factor, and there are no guarantees about her health either. She might not be fully ready, and therein lies the chance for Venus Williams to create a pretty big upset. If she defeated Kudermetova in Cincinnati, she could certainly defeat Badosa in New York.

She actually might do it mostly because Badosa may not be as convincing after the hiatus. She did play well in her last return but there is a combination of factors that lead to believe that an upset is looming here.

Prediction: Venus Williams to win in three sets.


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