'Not Gonna Compare Myself To Her': Gauff On Serena Williams Comparisons

'Not Gonna Compare Myself To Her': Gauff On Serena Williams Comparisons

by Evita Mueller

Coco Gauff doesn't want to compare herself to Serena Williams wanting to become the best Coco Gauff she can be.

Gauff has been compared to Serena Williams pretty much since she entered tennis on the main stage. It's nothing new, as we've been reading about it for years. She's never been that receptive to it even though she's quite understanding of why it happens, especially now with her major breakout.

She won the Cincinnati Masters, she's in the US Open final, and she could overcome Jessica Pegula as the highest-ranked American player on the WTA Tour if she wins the title. As someone who is still 19, Gauff will inevitably lead US tennis for the next decade or more. That's what Serena was doing for years, so comparisons will happen.

I don’t think I’m carrying American tennis. I don’t think I will. We have so many compatriots who are doing well. Serena is Serena. She’s the GOAT. I’d hope to do half of what she did. But I’m not gonna compare myself to her.

She’s someone I look up to. Being in the same stat line as her means a lot to me. She’s my idol. The only regret I’ll have for the rest of my life is not being able to play her.. there were so many tournaments where if we won an extra round & didn’t lose, I would’ve played her. I’m still happy to just be a product of her legacy.

Despite not wanting to be compared to Serena, the legend still played a significant part in her life. She grew up looking up to both Serena and Venus Williams, naming them as the reason she started to play tennis in the first place.

She hopes to do the same for those looking up to her now, and a big step towards that could be done by winning the US Open on Saturday.


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