WATCH: Keys Breaks Into Tears During Press Conference After Disappointing US Open Loss

WATCH: Keys Breaks Into Tears During Press Conference After Disappointing US Open Loss

by Sebastian Dahlman

Madison Keys was beaten by Aryna Sabalenka in the US Open semi-final, and she was quite emotional after the match.

Madison Keys had a tremendous US Open run, almost making the final once more. She played in a final a few years ago but failed to equal that result this time around. She faced a very tough opponent in Aryna Sabalenka and played sensationally well but failed to close out the match after going up 4-2 in the final set.

It was a devastating loss for the American, who held up pretty well while shaking the hands of Sabalenka but clearly got emotional after the match. The press conference featured only a handful of questions, but Keys was teary-eyed through most of it.

Obviously I started really well. I don't think she was playing her best at the start. Then from the second set, it just, you know, got a lot closer. I was obviously up a break, and I think serving for it I was tight. She played free. Then from there, it just seemed like it was really, you know, kind of neck and neck.

I think everyone at the start of the tournament would obviously be really, really excited to be in the semis. Right now it sucks. But yeah, I just think being able to, you know, take this and turn it to a positive is really possible. Yeah, there is still a lot to be proud of and still tons of tennis to play this season.

Despite not going all the way as she hoped, Keys should be content with the result as she can now make a push to improve her ranking further. The run should give her confidence, though it's never been a problem for her. Consistency has been her main issue, and she's yet to become a very consistent player.


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