'Not A Total Disaster': Gauff's Forehand Required Mindset Change According To Shriver

'Not A Total Disaster': Gauff's Forehand Required Mindset Change According To Shriver

by Evita Mueller

Coco Gauff caught a lot of criticism for her forehand, but former WTA player Pam Shriver doesn't think it's a total disaster.

Despite catching a lot of fire for her forehand, Coco Gauff became a Grand Slam champion. It's not her best shot, and it can certainly be better, but as her coach, Brad Gilbert, suggested, it's not really that terrible because it works.

For former player Pam Shriver, the situation is clear. It's not a terrible shot, but it can certainly be better and needs to be better if she is ever going to become what she hopes to become. She spoke about her forehand in a recent episode of the Inside In Podcast.

There hadn't been a shot that was as criticized as much as the Coco Gauff's forehand, all year long through Wimbledon, and then for her to be able to figure out how to, emotionally, put this shot in the right place.

The forehand is not a total disaster as long as her footwork okay and she has the right racket head speed but she needed to change her mindset I felt like she got caught up in all the questions about it, instead of worrying about what makes her great on the court, which is her speed, her serve, and her emotional toughness.

We'll see what happens with the forehand because, before her success, Gauff planned to work on it in the off-season, but that talk has quieted a bit after the recent success.

Her recent clash with Iga Swiatek in Beijing still showed her forehand to be a weakness, and the upcoming WTA Finals could certainly confirm the same.

If that happens, there is a pretty good chance that Gauff ultimately ends up reworking her forehand, and then we'll see. It could unleash her full potential and that would be bad news for the rest of the Tour.


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