'Tennis Has No Place In My Routine': Muguruza's Surprising Claim Amid Prolonged Hiatus

'Tennis Has No Place In My Routine': Muguruza's Surprising Claim Amid Prolonged Hiatus

by Sebastian Dahlman

Garbine Muguruza is currently on a hiatus from tennis, and judging by her comments, she's not going to come back any time soon.

Muguruza only played a couple of matches this year, opting for a long hiatus after a couple of really disappointing losses at the start of the year.

She's been frustrated by tennis for over a year now and clearly needed a break from the whole Tour, especially with how fondly she spoke about her time away from tennis.

We haven't heard much from her since she went on a hiatus, but she got engaged and spoke about that in a recent interview. Now, talking to the Women's Health Magazine, Muguruza admitted that she's not even thinking about tennis, let alone a comeback to the sport, as she still enjoys her time away from it.

Tennis has no place in my routine. I still pay attention to my peers, from time to time I can play but not intensely, more for fun. It doesn’t occupy my mind, my day or my routines, I’m really taking a real break and trying to stay away from the court.

Muguruza on tennis

She's not the only player who opted for a break recently, and most of them have really enjoyed it. Tennis is a really stressful sport, both on and off the court, and after a decade in it, Muguruza simply appreciates a bit of calmness in her life. It's been really good for her body and mind as she admitted it was very much needed.

I am living this break very happily since it was something that my body and my mind needed so I am really enjoying these moments.

Muguruza on needing a tennis break

Well, that seems to rule out a comeback in Australia, but who knows? Maybe she will change her mind in the meantime as she did say it was not a definitive goodbye.


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