Shelton 'Was Part Of One Of the Most Controversial Moments At US Open' Says Shriver

Shelton 'Was Part Of One Of the Most Controversial Moments At US Open' Says Shriver

by Sebastian Dahlman

According to former player Pam Shriver, Ben Shelton had a very memorable US Open, and she loved seeing the favour from an up-and-coming player.

Ben Shelton didn't arrive in New York with many expectations. His previous weeks were mostly lacklustre as he played poorly and didn't win many matches. Nobody really expected him to do much at the event, even though he has a reputation for showing up in the biggest of matches.

He certainly did well and won a couple of them, making his way to the second week, where Novak Djokovic stopped him. His tennis isn't the only thing that made headlines, as his celebration made an even bigger impact.

It became so popular that many players started to do it as well, and one of them was Novak Djokovic. The Serbian has had a few different ways of celebrating over the years, but this time, he copied Shelton's against him after overcoming him in a very heated clash.

Shelton didn't look too happy and gave him a look, with the American's father also adding a few comments in defence of his son. Djokovic never did it again, so there is a chance that he did it on purpose.

It became a bit of a controversy, which former player Pam Shriver spoke about recently. She loved the competitive aspect of it and, more generally, loves what Shelton brings to the sport.

It's a combination of young fresh face and the bold personality you know. He was part of one of the most controversial moments, a couple of them at the US Open when he hung up, when he answered the phone call against Tiafoe and then Djokovic kind of turned the tables and did the same thing and but it was it's kind of like cool for tennis to be like in the trash talking elite of athletes, why not.

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