Muguruza Shocks Saying She Has 'No Intention Of Returning' To Tennis

Muguruza Shocks Saying She Has 'No Intention Of Returning' To Tennis

by Evita Mueller

Garbine Muguruza admitted in a recent interview that she has no intention of returning to tennis any time soon.

Muguruza has been on a break from tennis since earlier this year. It wasn't a huge surprise when she announced it because she seemed to be over it for a very long time before announcing the break.

Losing a couple of matches at the start of the 2023 WTA season finally pushed her to the edge, and she opted to leave the Tour for an undisclosed period, which seems to be extending.

We didn't hear much from her since then, but here and there, she said some things that gave fans some hope. One of those things was that she isn't saying goodbye to tennis for eternity, which is good news, but this most recent interview might slightly disappoint fans.

Speaking to Women's Health Magazine, Muguruza admitted that she has no intention of coming back to tennis anytime soon, wanting to rest and sleep and be with her loved ones, including her fiancee.

As of today I have no intention. My plan right now is to sleep, rest, be with my loved ones, make up for lost time... I don't see beyond what I'm doing today, tomorrow and this week.

It's not a shocking comment and, in a vacuum, makes sense because she's been dedicated to the sport for well over a decade now, and it is a restrictive lifestyle.

On the other hand, she's not getting any younger, and the more time she misses, the harder it will be to come back. Some recent examples of players coming back from long hiatuses might make it seem that it's easy, but it's not easy, and not all were successful.

Even so, Muguruza seems to be enjoying life right now, and that's her priority. After putting tennis first for a long time, it's time for something else.


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