'Making Me Be Serious': Gauff Opens Up About Involvement Of Brad Gilbert

'Making Me Be Serious': Gauff Opens Up About Involvement Of Brad Gilbert

by Sebastian Dahlman

Coco Gauff has been working with Brad Gilbert recently, and it's worked out pretty well so far, with a WTA trophy won already.

Coco Gauff hired a new coach recently, and while Pere Riba is staying on board, she also added Brad Gilbert as a consultant. The American has a long history in tennis, coaching some of the best players that ever held a racquet.

The partnership was initially described as temporary, but after a title run in Washington, Gauff concluded that it would continue through the US Open. Gilbert has been present at events sitting next to her coach Riba as they formed a formidable team.

She's been one of the better players in recent weeks, winning a trophy in Washington, going deep in Montreal, and doing the same things week in Cincinnati. In a recent interview with Tennis Channel at the 2023 Cincinnati Masters, Gauff explained just what the partnership with Gilbert adds to her career.

Just a lot of wisdom and how to play the points, and just the mental side of the game. How to approach these matches in these big situations. I think he’s one of the best tennis minds out there. I’m sure you guys all have seen him commentate on ESPN and give his advice.

It's been working quite well for Gauff, whose forehand even looks competent. The obvious test will be the US Open, where she'll be a serious contender if she keeps this level, but more importantly she just looks very focused on the sport.

He’s just making me be serious, but all enjoying the game and having a lot of fun, and be really thriving and being excited for those tough match ups. And just taking every point, being physical every point – and I think that’s the best advice he’s given me in such a short amount of time.


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