Krejcikova Sheds Light On Mysterious Split With Doubles Partner Siniakova

Krejcikova Sheds Light On Mysterious Split With Doubles Partner Siniakova

by Zachary Wimer

Barbora Krejcikova and Katerina Siniakova were formidable doubles pairing for a while, but not anymore as they split.

The Czech combo won several Grand Slams together but struggled in recent months before the break-up. Both started to focus more on the singles, and Krejcikova's breakthrough could have created a bit of tension between the pairing as the priorities weren't the same anymore.

Siniakova found some success in the singles as well and wanted to try a new direction. Krejcikova wouldn't have minded that the partnership continued because they shared a strong bond, playing together since juniors, but Siniakova simply wanted to try something else, so they split up.

"Last year when we were splitting and she told me she wanted to go in a different direction, we brought up this topic [of competing at the Olympics]. This decision [to split] was Katerina’s, not really mine – I would love to play with her and I would love to compete at the Olympics with her."

The upcoming Olympics are certainly a pretty huge event for both of them. We don't really know if they're going to play together for their native Czech Republic, but Krejcikova admitted to the National that she's willing to reunite for the event.

The combo has certainly the best chance for either to win a medal because they've played so much together. No other Czech pairing is likely to win a medal compared to them, so it would make sense, but as Krejcikova said, it seems like it's going to be Siniakova's call.

"So, it’s more on her to actually approach me and to talk to me about it, to see how she feels. I’m very open to reuniting and playing the Olympics together, but it’s more on her right now."

Krejcikova on reuniting for the Olympics


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