'Embrace The Suckiness': Pegula Shares Advice To Raducanu Ahead Of Recovery

'Embrace The Suckiness': Pegula Shares Advice To Raducanu Ahead Of Recovery

by Kadir Macar

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Emma Raducanu is looking at a very long rehab period following her surgeries and her colleague Jessica Pegula shared some advice.

Raducanu underwent some surgeries recently, surgeries that will keep her away from the sport for quite a while. The British player doesn't know how long she'll be out of the game but it's likely that she misses the entire summer, possibly even more.

Recovering from injuries is something that Pegula knows very well having had to go through that herself. She talked about it at the Italian Open admitting that it was something that was beneficial to her. You learn a lot about yourself, and your body and generally come out much stronger after.

I think in rehab I definitely learned a lot about my body, and now I feel like I know my body well, I know what I need, and I know what I don't need. I wasn't afraid to try different things. When mentally you know you're taking care of everything, it makes it so much easier when you go out there on the court.  I definitely became a lot more detail-oriented with that stuff.

She was then asked about Raducanu and her upcoming rehab process with the American sharing some advice regarding that. A lot of if centred around simply embracing the process for what it is and making the most out of it.

I would say definitely for me it was a time I definitely learned a lot about myself, if you want to keep playing, how hard do you want to come back, and stuff like that. Also spending days in rehab for months on end, which she's going to have a lot of that, it's really tough mentally.

 I think you just have to, I don't know, kind of embrace the suckiness of it because it's not fun. Anyone that tries to tell you it's fun, it's not. You just have to kind of embrace the aspect of I'm going to grind this out. It's not going to be the most fun, but I have to find ways to get through it and appreciate that I'm able to go through this rehab and find other ways to get better.


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