Jabeur Confirms Locker Room Tensions And Shows Support To Sabalenka

Jabeur Confirms Locker Room Tensions And Shows Support To Sabalenka

by Alfredo Bassanelli

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In a time when geopolitical tensions are spilling over into the world of sports, Ons Jabeur has stepped forward to remind everyone of peace.

Following recent claims by World No. 2 Aryna Sabalenka about facing hate in the locker room due to her nationality, Jabeur spoke candidly about the need for love, peace, and understanding among players.

Amid the ongoing conflict, Tunisian star Jabeur called for unity and empathy in the tennis community, noting that the sport should not be taken too personally.

"Sometimes tennis players they forget we are human beings. This is just a tournament, this is just tennis. And sometimes they take it personally, they take all the matches with them and probably they don't say hi or something."

However, Jabeur acknowledged that the atmosphere has changed among players, expressing concern over the growing tensions in the locker room. She urged her fellow athletes to remember that there are more important issues in life and that love and peace should prevail in all aspects of their interactions.

"For me it's like, okay the match is done, we can joke about it and go out for dinner. I feel like now it's going to change. Way before everybody was friendly and now a certain time it was kinda tough between players. But I feel like love and peace should be everywhere. There are worse things going on in this life."

Jabeur also voiced her support for Sabalenka, commending her victory at the Australian Open and acknowledging the challenges she has faced due to the harsh comments in the locker room. Jabeur extended her support to other players like Paula Badosa, stressing the importance of understanding each player's unique journey and the need for compassion in the tennis world.

“I was very happy for Aryna when she won Australian Open. I know how she struggled. We know what’s happening in the locker room. People are harsh with comments. Huge respect for Aryna, for Paula. Everyone has their story. I wish people wouldn’t judge quickly.”


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