Andreescu at ease with tennis career; thinks she can get back to old level

Andreescu at ease with tennis career; thinks she can get back to old level

by Kadir Macar

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Bianca Andreescu finally put her struggles behind her and she's totally focused on tennis and being comfortable where she is in her career.

It wasn't always like that for the Canadian because a sudden rise at a young age by winning the US Open left her dealing with too many things too fast. Andreescu became a household name by beating Serena Williams in the US Open final adding herself to the list of names that denied her that record-tying trophy.

She didn't follow that up with many great results but she also dealt with injuries and mental health issues that forced her to take a break in order to deal with them.

I definitely don't feel like I have the perfect recipe. I'm not sure anyone really does other than maybe Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. But I'm striving to be as close to perfect as I can be, and I feel like right now I have a pretty good recipe as I feel really good about myself.

Andreescu on her present

Taking those six months off was a very positive experience for her as she returned hungry and motivated. Results have slowly improved over time but she's not where she wants to be. The pressure is always there but she knows that it simply takes time. The most important thing is that she'll willing to invest the time needed to get back to where she was before.

I'm not having the best results, but I'm not identifying myself with that. We have a psychologist we can see whenever we want, but I feel that at the end of the day it's also deep down in you if you want to change, if you want to get better.

Andreescu on the 'grind'

You can't really put a timeline on those things. It could take months, it could take days, it could take years. For me I feel it took a good two and a half years to get to this point right now and that's continuous work. If you continue to put in that work, I think it's possible to get back to that level.

The goal for her is to win a grand slam again. It's a goal any tennis player has and Andreescu describes it as a 'huger to taste it again'. A good start towards that goal could be made this year at the Indian Wells, an event she won in the past.

I definitely feel like the hunger is there. And once you taste it, you want to taste it again. I'm really looking forward to having that taste one more time.

Andreescu on winning a grand slam again



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