"Everyday I miss playing" - Serena Williams hints at comeback

"Everyday I miss playing" - Serena Williams hints at comeback

by Balasz Virag

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Serena Williams dominated the sport of tennis for many years and she misses playing it but that's probably not the case for her competitors.

Williams retired last year following the US Open and since then she's been evolving and focusing on other areas of her life. Most of that time goes to her businesses which is something she has been passionate about for a while. Naturally, she does miss the tennis court and she revealed it to her fans with a social media post than reads a lot like her thoughts written down.

"Everyday I miss playing than I think about training for 8+hrs a day…. It’s not that bad right?"

Williams on tennis

Serena thought out loud for the world to see revealing that she misses playing tennis every day but then she remembers how much of her time it used to take up so this situation she's in right now is not too bad either.

Practicing for hours on the day doesn't seem realistic with her schedule and she's certainly not going to come back to just compete. If she comes back it's to win trophies. Plenty of people reacted to the post by Williams offering various suggestions.

One fan asked her to do it once a year (Wimbledon). Another one suggested her to play doubles from the time while a 3rd one said that she should simply enjoy the rest. Williams dropping hints towards playing tennis again is nothing new. She has been doing that for a while but her actions speak louder than her words and it's unlikely she will be coming back to tennis.

She expressed a desire to become a mother again, she has her businesses to focus on and there is plenty to do outside of tennis. Perhaps she does surprise us and comes back. Her former coach Rick Macci who correctly predicted the 2022 US Open certainly thinks she can do it.



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