Andreescu anticipates good year with new mindset in place

Andreescu anticipates good year with new mindset in place

by Zachary Wimer

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Bianca Andreescu's tennis career since 2019 has been a proper whirlwind with plenty of emotions felt during that time span.

The Canadian felt on top of the world in 2019 after winning the US Open but rather quickly she got snapped back to reality. Injuries, poor results, and mental health issues all came and she found herself in a dark place questioning her next move.

Six months away from it all gave her a new perspective, one that she hopes will lead her to great things in 2023. “That's been the biggest thing for me this past year, is trying to love myself as best as I can,” Andreescu told

“Honestly it's really helped me get to this point right now, just having that love for myself off the court. Because before, it was more result-oriented, and when I'd lose it would be like the end of the world. But now I'm so in tune with myself.”

Besides doing a lot of training and practising tennis, she puts a lot of work into her mental health: "But outside of tennis, it's just personal development, and meditation, mindfulness, like spirituality, basically. I read a lot of books, I listen to a lot of podcasts, I do a lot of inner work. I really believe that's the key to really finding true happiness and joy and contentment in life."



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