"I want to see more Arab players on Tour" says Ons Jabeur

"I want to see more Arab players on Tour" says Ons Jabeur

by Drew Tate

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Ons Jabeur is the only Arab women's player on the Tour right now and while highly successful she hopes her success brings more people into the sport.

Tennis doesn't have a long-standing history in the Arab world only a handful of players ever reached the highest of heights. One of them, Ons Jabeur from Tunisia, hopes that her success inspires more people from that part of the world, especially women, into the game. She said:

"I like to see how French people are together (on tour), Americans, Australian, and I feel like I want to see this, you know, with my country. It doesn't matter, Tunisia or Egypt or Morocco, I really want to see more and more players."

She further added:

"Being the only Arab is not easy to be on tour right now. I just want to say if I did it (succeed on tour), it's not impossible. "Like I said before, I always try to inspire other generations."

Tennis legend Venus Williams also spoke about the legacy of Jabeur recently saying:

"You're gonna see a whole other generation of women from North Africa coming into tennis. It's going to be all owed to her."

Jabeur was also spotted refusing the traditional champagne celebration of the event explaining following the event:

"It's because I’m a Muslim and out of respect for my country and Arabs watching the event”.


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