'Hopefully This Will Never Ever Happen Again': Jabeur On Unfinished WTA Finals Stadium

'Hopefully This Will Never Ever Happen Again': Jabeur On Unfinished WTA Finals Stadium

by Sebastian Dahlman

Ons Jabeur hopes that this year's WTA Finals scenario of the venue not being completed days before the event never happens again.

The Tunisian was happy to make the WTA Finals, but she's not particularly thrilled with everything that transpired since then. She was one of the players who publicly called out the WTA for not announcing the WTA Finals venue on time.

She didn't mince her words this time around either due to the venue not being constructed by the time the players got there. They couldn't practice on the court on which they'll play, which is problematic for many reasons.

This is not some random event; this is the showcase of the eight best players who competed on the WTA Tour in 2023. Technically, that's the fifth-most important tennis event on the calendar, just behind the Grand Slams.

I mean, obviously as a player, I wish that the stadium was ready couple of days before in order to have a better preparation and everything. But, yeah, I don't want to take the effort that the construction team had done for the past six weeks, I guess. I know they done a lot of hard work. I want to thank them for that.

Jabeur on the stadium not being completed in time

I'm not very happy that this is the first day we hit on the stadium. This is such a big event. We should have been able to be ready and hit on the court. Yeah, hopefully this will never, ever, ever happen again. Like ever...

The whole process with the WTA Finals has been questionable since the start. From the late decision to everything else, it's an event that's been a logistical nightmare for the WTA Tour for a few years now. Hopefully, they can settle on one city like the ATP, so things like this don't really happen in the future.


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