Halep Says 'Too Early' To Talk About Goals After Having Doping Ban Lifted

Halep Says 'Too Early' To Talk About Goals After Having Doping Ban Lifted

by Zachary Wimer

Simona Halep refused to talk about her goals following her very solid return to tennis, which ultimately ended in a loss.

The Romanian player was out of the sport for over a year due to a doping ban, which was later overturned. She returned to the sport at the Miami Open thanks to a wild card, which left some of her colleagues a bit surprised, but Halep doesn't worry about it.

She did her thing on the court and nearly won her first match back against Paula Badosa, which was pretty impressive. Nobody really thought she would be that good upon her return, but she was, and that's why the media asked her about her goals for this season.

She wouldn't go into that, though, admitting that it's a bit early as she just played her first match.

"Very early. Actually, I didn't know what to expect from the decision. I didn't plan anything. I said, I'm going to wait and then I will plan. Here I came just because the boost, the love for tennis, just brought me here. It was fast because it was just few days after the decision, but I'm really happy that I did it."

Halep didn't really come to Miami with any sort of expectations. She just loves the sport and got a chance to play, so she took it.

There wasn't any kind of plan or hope regarding the WTA 1000 event. She hasn't really thought about her goals yet, but be assured that she will have them. She's not coming back to just play, but to win.

"I came here and I felt again the love for sport. Saying about goals and plans in the future, it's too early. I'm going home. I will need to practice harder because the level is very high these days, and then I will see."


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