Halep 'Should Not Receive Wild Cards' After Doping Saga According To Wozniacki

Halep 'Should Not Receive Wild Cards' After Doping Saga According To Wozniacki

by Zachary Wimer

Simona Halep returned to tennis at the 2024 Miami Open thanks to a wild card, something with which Caroline Wozniacki doesn't agree.

The Romanian finally won the battle to prove her innocence, as her doping ban was reduced to nine months, which allowed her to return to tennis immediately. Her first event back was the ongoing Miami Open, which quickly jumped at the opportunity and handed her a wild card.

Her first match was a solid showing against Paula Badosa, where she won the opening set but then lost in three. According to fellow veteran Wozniacki, players in Halep's situation should never get wild cards because they made a mistake, and they should work their way up from the bottom.

"Well, first of all, I've always liked Simona. We've always had a good relationship. I've been very outspoken in the past how I feel about doping and all of that."

"I think my view on doping is the same. I have always wanted a clean sport, fair for everybody. I think it's definitely still my opinion. Again, this is not directly at Simona, but if someone purposely cheats, if someone has tested positive for doping..."

It's an interesting perspective from Wozniacki, who prefaced it by saying she has nothing against Halep. It's not the first time a fellow player has shaded Halep over her doping saga, as others previously spoke about the topic, directly or indirectly.

"I understand why a tournament wants a big star in the tournament, but it's my personal belief, and it's not a knock on anyone, but it's my personal belief that I don't think people should be awarded wild cards afterwards."

"If you want to come back, and it's been a mistake, I understand, you should work your way up from the bottom. That's my personal opinion upon things."


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