Gauff Sheds Light On Her Coaching Situation After Recent Split

Gauff Sheds Light On Her Coaching Situation After Recent Split

by Alfredo Bassanelli

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Coco Gauff shared her thoughts on her coaching situation ahead of the 2023 Italian Open after parting ways with coach Diego Moyano in April.

Only recently, the American and her coach, Diego Moyano, ended their one-year partnership. Moyano, who had joined Gauff's robust coaching team, played an instrumental role in honing the young sensation's skills, helping her evolve into a more mature player on the court.

After the split, Gauff entered the clay-court season without a coach, sparking curiosity among fans about her next move in the coaching department. Ahead of the 2023 Italian Open in Rome, Gauff was spotted practicing with Jarmere Jenkins, prompting questions about his involvement in her training.

The American tennis prodigy was candid in her response, acknowledging that Jenkins has been lending a helping hand, albeit in a "hitting partner" capacity.

"Yeah, I've been training with him while I'm, like, in between coaches. He's helping me out I would say more so in a hitting partner type of role. Obviously giving me advice here and there."

Gauff went on to explain that she has known Jenkins and his brother since she was 12, and that their familiarity made it comfortable for her to have him step in during this transitional period.

"So, yeah, he's been great. Known him and his brother since I was, I don't know, 12 or under from Atlanta. Yeah, it was nice to bring him in, somebody that I was familiar with during this time."

Gauff expressed her reluctance to bring a new coach on board quickly, especially given the unique dynamics of tennis coaching relationships.

"I felt like it would be difficult to travel with someone so fast, especially at this point in the season. I didn't want to bring in someone new, not for the tennis part, but you spend a lot of time with your coaches."

Unlike team sports like basketball, tennis players spend significant amounts of time with their coaches – sharing meals, accommodations, and countless hours on the court.

"It's not like basketball. You stay in the same hotel, eat with them, everything. I didn't want to bring another personality with the pressure already going on. I wanted to bring someone I was familiar with."


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