Gauff Reveals She Received Massive '50-Pound Bouquet Of Flowers' From Zendaya After US Open

Gauff Reveals She Received Massive '50-Pound Bouquet Of Flowers' From Zendaya After US Open

by Evita Mueller

Coco Gauff became a celebrity in the United States and around the world following her win at the 2023 US Open, and now she talked about one of many interesting moments.

Frances Tiafoe experienced last year how it feels to become an overnight sensation in the country following his US Open run and win over Rafael Nadal. Coco Gauff experienced something similar at this year's US Open following her trophy run.

Her public profile exploded as she became a celebrity overnight, despite being well-known also before. Plenty of fellow celebrities reached out to the teenager to express their admiration, including Zendaya.

The actress is one of the most popular people on the planet, with a huge social media following and a really impressive acting career. She's actually starring in an upcoming tennis film called Challengers. It will be released in April of next year.

In any case, Gauff shared the story about how Zendaya sent her a huge bouquet of flowers following her US Open win, which was a pretty cool moment for her as she shared it at the 2023 WTA Finals when talking to the Tennis Channel.

I didn’t really do anything that cool after winning the US Open, to be honest. But the messages you get from celebrities are crazy. The coolest thing that happened to me was Zendaya sent me flowers to my house.

Gauff on getting flowers from Zendaya

It was like a huge bouquet of flowers. My brother and I struggled to lift it up on the table. I think it weighed at least 50 pounds. It was so heavy. I think that was the coolest thing.

Gauff's stardom will certainly increase with time, as her tennis is certainly not going to get worse. She'll likely dominate the sport in the coming years, which is great for tennis.


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