Gauff Reveals How She Treated Herself After Receiving Massive US Open Prize Money Cheque

Gauff Reveals How She Treated Herself After Receiving Massive US Open Prize Money Cheque

by Zachary Wimer

Coco Gauff earned a lot of money with her US Open run, and she also treated herself after the memorable victory at Flushing Meadows.

Gauff's biggest career trophy to date was the US Open, which she won last year. It was also her biggest payday, as the young American collected $3,000,000 for her triumph in New York.

During a recent catch-up with the US Open, Gauff admitted that she didn't really buy herself anything with that money, even though she spent it on something. She used part of it to attend a few concerts, which she enjoys doing.

She's known as a person who loves music quite a bit, so after her US Open triumph, Gauff found time in her schedule to attend a few concerts, seeing artists such as SZA, Doja Cat, and Tyler the Creator.

"I haven't really bouth anything after the US Open to like treat myself. I mean I've been to a couple of concerts so I guess that's a good splurge. I've gotten some tickets to go see, I saw SZA, I saw Tyler the Creator, I saw Doja Cat, I saw Ice Spice so I had like a whole concert addiction after the US Open so I would say concerts."

Gauff on her post US Open endevours

Although concerts can be fun, Gauff puts her tennis career first, as during the same interview, she admitted that she doesn't have the trophy from the US Open on display, as she wants to focus on what's ahead of her instead of what happened in the past.

When it comes to her $3,000,000 win, only recently Gauff got to an age where she can express more agency over her own finances, as that was managed by her parents prior to that. It's certainly something she takes seriously, as she hinted that she also wants to invest later on in her career.


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