Alcaraz Trying To Avoid 'Crazy Pressure' With Claims About Enjoying Tennis Says Mouratoglou

Alcaraz Trying To Avoid 'Crazy Pressure' With Claims About Enjoying Tennis Says Mouratoglou

by Zachary Wimer

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Patrick Mouratoglou weighed in on recent comments made by Carlos Alcaraz, which he found to be interesting.

The Spaniard is not a tennis player who speaks much, but when he does speak, he speaks with a lot of intent. You won't see him ramble in circles, and he's been quite open about many topics so far.

That's what happened recently when he admitted that, for him, it's all about enjoying tennis. Alcaraz said that it's so much about winning, although, like any other player, he wants to win as many trophies as possible, but it is simply more about enjoying tennis.

"If I win tournaments or not, I don't care. It's about enjoying playing tennis, once I step on the court, putting my game. It's what only matters. That's why I'm really, really happy to lift this trophy, because I found myself at this tournament, and I felt really, really good."

Alacaraz initial comment

Patrick Mouratoglou found that comment quite interesting and even found what he believes is a minor contradiction in what the Spaniard actually said. To be fair, he did contradict himself a little bit, but ultimately, Mouratoglou explained how he read what Alcaraz wanted to convey.

Alcaraz has talked about minimizing pressure in the past, but it's also clear that the Spaniard wants to enjoy his time on the court, as there aren't many players that would smile more than he does when he plays tennis.

"What Carlos Alcaraz is saying is that he doesn't care if he wins tournaments or not, that it's about enjoying the process. But in the same sentence, he says, 'That's why I'm so happy that I lift the trophy,' so there's a little contradiction. And I think that what he means is that when you are competing, you cannot focus on winning. It brings crazy pressure. It doesn't help you focus on how to win."


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