Gauff Not Motivated By Chance Of Becoming No. 2 After Rome: 'Number One Would Be Special'

Gauff Not Motivated By Chance Of Becoming No. 2 After Rome: 'Number One Would Be Special'

by Zachary Wimer

Coco Gauff admitted that she's not motivated by the chance to become world number two after the 2024 Italian Open.

Gauff has been number one in tennis before, but it was in doubles, and it remains her biggest ranking-related achievement to date. Seeing the number 1 next to her name is special, but the one she's really after is world number one in singles.

She has a chance to get there, but she'll need some special results in the coming months to do so. Right now, Gauff is number three on the WTA Tour, trailing Aryna Sabalenka by 185 points.

There are multiple scenarios that could see the American reach the world no. 2 rank. Both include at least reaching the final. If Sabalenka loses in the semi-final, a final appearance is enough for Gauff to become the world no. 2.

However, if the Belarusian also makes the final, then it will be up to the 20-year-old to settle the fight for the world no. 2 spot in the final match, having to outright outplay her opponent. Still, when talking to the Tennis Channel about the world no. 2 rank, the 2023 US Open champion admitted that it was not her motivation.

"Not really to be honest. I've never been a ranking-based person. Being number two would be really cool and an honour but I focus more on like tournamnets and I want to get as many trophies in my cabinet and the ranking will come with that. I think number one would be really special but honestly between two or three it's kind of the same for me."

Gauff on being motivated by getting to number two

Being number three is a great achievement for many tennis players; being number two is, of course, better, but ultimately, the number one rank is the special one that they all want to reach.

This week, the goal is to win the event. She focuses on this goal any week she plays. If she wins enough of them over the course of 12 months, she'll be number one, and it's how Gauff approaches her career.


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