'Everybody Has Been Very Quiet': Dimitrov Surprised By Lack Of Reaction To Potential Saudi Takeover

'Everybody Has Been Very Quiet': Dimitrov Surprised By Lack Of Reaction To Potential Saudi Takeover

by Zachary Wimer

Grigor Dimitrov recently admitted that he was quite surprised by the silence regarding the potential Saudi Arabia's takeover of tennis.

The Public Investment Fund has had its eyes set on tennis for a very long time, and in recent years, we've seen some moves. The official ATP Rankings are now named PIF ATP Rankings.

PIF logos are present at every event, and it's clear that, slowly but surely, Saudi Arabia will be a big player in tennis. We've already seen some moves in that direction, but players have been surprisingly quiet.

Some players have spoken out against it, some have shown reservation, and some have completely embraced it, but there isn't much conversation about it, which surprised Dimitrov quite a bit, as he revealed when talking to Craig Shapiro.

While right now, the moves are easy to overlook, some things that are discussed for the future, such as another ATP Masters 1000 tournament, or even a Premium Tour, could be quite significant.

"Everyone, believe it or not, everybody has been very quiet about it. Yeah, this is actually, it surprises me a little bit."

"Yeah, but also what does that really mean? I don't know. That's what I'm saying. Even if we get big offers, what does that really mean? Like, it's basically a choice between the tours you want to play, which is, I don't know, I think tennis is hard as it is already."

Another thing the veteran added was that he expects changes to come in tennis with the involvement of the Public Investment Fund (PIF). He's aware that fans want to see some changes, but he hopes that they won't be too significant.

"I understand people want to see changes from a very different perspective in our sport. I, for one, think that there will be some changes. I just hope they're not going to be that big."


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