Gauff Admits She Gets Messages From Roger Federer 'Once A Blue Moon'

Gauff Admits She Gets Messages From Roger Federer 'Once A Blue Moon'

by Erik Virostko

Coco Gauff is one of the most popular players on the WTA Tour, and one quick look into her phone would prove that.

The 2023 US Open champion is still only 20 years old, but she has already managed to grow a large fanbase, and even many former players stay in contact with the American.

Currently, Gauff competes at the 2024 Miami Open, where she made the fourth round after beating Oceane Dodin, and after the match, her press conference wasn't so much about her tennis like other, interesting, things.

Initially, the youngster got asked about legendary Chris Evert, and the influence that the 18-time singles Grand Slam champion had on her game. While answering the question, Gauff mentioned that she stays in touch with Evert.

After that, she said that she's not the only one, as she often talks also to Mary Joe Fernandez, who is the former world no. 4, but also Tony Godsick, well-known agent, who she worked with early on in her career.

"I do get some messages from past players, not as many as people would think. I would think the only person honestly, other than Chrissie, is Mary Joe, who I've grown up with a lot with Tony Godsick, being the agency I grew up with."

Godsick is known mostly for working with one particular tennis player, who likely doesn't need an introduction wherever her appears - Roger Federer.

When talking about people she stays in contact with, Gauff revealed that also Federer texts her every now and then, what, of course, is very exciting for the American player.

"Once a blue moon Roger will send me a message. That's always pretty cool when he does. I can't think of any on the top of my head other than those two right now. But there's more, I'm sure."


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