Future No. 1? Gauff Poised To Follow Success Of Previous American Teenage Major Winners

Future No. 1? Gauff Poised To Follow Success Of Previous American Teenage Major Winners

by Sebastian Dahlman

Coco Gauff did something earlier this year that was only done by the future world number one players on the WTA Tour in history, so will she follow that path?

Whether Gauff will end up as number one or not remains to be seen, but there are some things that point towards that being a very realistic scenario. The American was always described as a huge talent, and while she delivered consistently solid performances, she didn't really have many signature wins.

She wasn't winning big trophies, and some wondered whether she would ever get there. Obviously, those concerns were overblown as she had plenty of time, but the growing pains were also present this year.

The summer was dreadful, but she unlocked something new at the end of the summer with a couple of impressive showings in the United States on her home soil.

The crowning moment obviously came at the Grand Slam as she bested everybody en route to the final, which she won. After a few years of doubt, Gauff finally became a Grand Slam champion, and it was well deserved.

The achievement is notable in many ways, but more importantly, it's a predictor of greatness. There were a few teenagers becoming Grand Slam champions and usually, they ended up being very successful tennis players.

For example, three American teenagers won a Grand Slam trophy in the Open Era - Chris Evert, Tracy Williams, and Serena Williams. They all share something, and it's becoming world number one later in their careers.

It shouldn't be surprising because if you're good enough to become a Grand Slam champion as a teenager, then you're probably good enough to become world number one.

That sort of thing makes sense, and it's likely to continue with Gauff. It's one of her goals and dreams, so be assured that she will work hard to get it.


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