'Everyone Treats You As If You Should Play For Them, Not For Me': Swiatek On Expectations

'Everyone Treats You As If You Should Play For Them, Not For Me': Swiatek On Expectations

by Zachary Wimer

Poland has quite a few tennis players, but the biggest fanbase is that of Iga Swiatek, who spoke of the pressure of that.

As the best player in the world, Swiatek is expected to consistently perform. That's just part it, and every great champion has to deal with it. Some do it better, some do it worse, but the Pole deals with pressure quite well.

She's not the best we've ever seen in this regard, but she works hard and tries to be as comfortable as she can be with the pressure. Her fandom back home exploded as she became the top player in the world, and it only added fuel to the whole pressure cooker.

Talking during the 2024 Madrid Open, where she competes, Swiatek reflected upon her rise and the effect it had back home in Poland.

"Everything happened suddenly, after Roland Garros 2020, but I felt that at that time people still didn't know if I would be a one-time athlete, or if I would continue to play well. Although honestly, I didn't know either."

She became a superstar, and her success only grew as she continued to achieve success. By now, she's one of the most recognizable faces in her country, and it's a privilege for her.

Knowing that you're inspiring so many people is a privilege, but it also comes with a lot of pressure that she has to find a balance between. It's not easy, and she's still learning how to do it properly.

"My consistency put me in that position, it's a good role because I always wanted to inspire others. Plus, it's easier to find motivation when you feel like the kids are watching you."

"At the same time, it also puts a bit of a burden on your shoulders, it's not easy to balance, because everyone treats you as if you should play for them, not for me. I’m still learning how to deal with this without it affecting my mindset or my attitude."


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