"Contaminated food supplement" reason of Halep's positive doping test

"Contaminated food supplement" reason of Halep's positive doping test

by Balasz Virag

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According to a Romanian judge from the Court of Arbitration for Sport, Simona Halep has taken a significant step in the context of her doping issue and is set to demonstrate that the chemical entered her body through a tainted supplement.

Simona Halep started 'the biggest fight in her life' as she's attempting to clear her name after a doping scandal and it seems that everything is going well for the Romanian so far. Recently, a significant announcement on Simona's status was issued by Cristian Jura, a Romanian member of the Court of Arbitration for Sport, stating:

“It seems that the method by which Roxadustat entered the athlete’s body has been identified, namely by ingesting a contaminated food supplement. Contaminated product is a product that contains a prohibited substance, without this being specified on the product label or in information accessible through a reasonable search on the Internet,” Jura said according to ProSport.

“The athlete is still at this moment between the lifting of the suspension, i.e. the removal of any sanctions, and the 4-year suspension from sports activity. The suspension can be reduced or even canceled if the two conditions stipulated by the World Anti-Doping Code are cumulatively met: to establish very clearly the way in which the substance entered the body and the athlete’s lack of intention to take the prohibited substance to improve sports performance."

"One of the conditions was met, it was clearly established how the substance got into the athlete’s body. The athlete must also prove the lack of guilt and negligence. That is, the athlete or other person must prove that Simona did not know or suspect and could not reasonably have known or suspected, even by exercising the most careful caution, that she used or was administered prohibited substances or that he used prohibited methods,” he also said.


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