Coco Gauff vs Paula Badosa: 2024 Italian Open Rome - Preview & Prediction

Coco Gauff vs Paula Badosa: 2024 Italian Open Rome - Preview & Prediction

by Zachary Wimer

Coco Gauff started her 2024 Italian Open in Rome on a winning note, but an in-form Paula Badosa will try to change that.

Gauff's most recent match in Rome was against Jacqueline Cristian from Romania, and it was a really bizarre match. She started furiously winning the first set 6-1, after which she lost the second 0-6 but then won the third one.

It was a bizarre match, but she ultimately won, so it worked out in her favor. Now she faces Badosa, who might give her a similar problem. The Spaniard hasn't had a very good year so far, but she's been lights out this week in Rome.

It's great to see her winning matches, considering how her injury has impacted and will impact her career, but beating the American will be tough, even if she's in form.


Gauff and Badosa have played a few times so far, and Badosa has been better overall. The H2H score is 3-1 for the Spaniard, though the last match between them was won by Gauff and easily so.

It happened last year in Madrid and Gauff won 6-3, 6-0. It's a matchup that could work for the 20-year-old unless Badosa is playing her best.

If the Spanish player is playing her best and crushing the ball from the baseline, then Gauff could be in trouble. She's done that this week, and it might continue during this match.

Paula Badosa Coco Gauff
3 H2H 1
126 Rank 3
26 Age 20
9-9 2024 W/L 23-7
333-190 Career W/L 198-89


The matchup mostly depends on how Badosa plays. I think she'll bring a pretty strong level, but she may not be able to win. This amount of tennis could possibly create some physical issues for her, which would be the end of the match.

Gauff is younger and currently also more likely to win a three-set battle.

Prediction: Coco Gauff to win in three sets.


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