'Beyond Ridiculous': Gauff's Coach Enraged By Badosa's Tactics In Rome Clash

'Beyond Ridiculous': Gauff's Coach Enraged By Badosa's Tactics In Rome Clash

by Zachary Wimer

Noted tennis coach Brad Gilbert, who currently works with Coco Gauff, didn't like the tactics of her opponent, Paula Badosa, at the 2024 Italian Open in Rome.

The American is currently coaching Gauff, and he was not impressed by what he saw from her recent opponent at the WTA 1000 tournament. They played a pretty competitive three-set match, which Gauff ended up winning, but her coach was very disappointed by what he saw from the Spaniard.

During the match, she repeatedly tossed the ball up for the serve and then caught it. This happens often in tennis, but very rarely will you see one player do it over and over again.

Poor tosses happen from time to time, especially during more windy conditions, but to Gilbert, this was a deliberate tactic. He was not a fan of it because according to him, it can be disadvantageing the opponent.

After all, it disturbs the player's rhythm and focus. To Gilbert, the problem is not serving after the toss but doing it multiple times and not getting a time violation, which happened in that match.

He voiced his frustration on X, admitting that he's had problems with it for years. Technically, he's right because if a player tosses the ball a few times without serving, they go over the allowed time for serving, even though the clock stops after the first toss.

Tossing the ball might be part of the serving motion, but actually, serving is what starts the point.

"You have heard me say this so many times, catching your on ball toss on serve is should not be allowed, how can u catch 3 tosses in a row and not at least get time violation is beyond ridiculous, also allowing 45 catches in a match and nothing in rules is mind boggling and such disadvantage to returner."

Gilbert on X


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