Barty Set For 'Nerve-Racking' Competitive Comeback To Golf Course

Barty Set For 'Nerve-Racking' Competitive Comeback To Golf Course

by Zachary Wimer

Ashleigh Barty is returning to sports-related activity, but it's not tennis, as she's is gearing up for a golf comeback.

The Australian retired from tennis two years ago after winning the 2022 Australian Open and, since then, has mostly spent time back home. She became a mother in the meantime and published a book.

Regarding sports, Barty mostly played golf, though we saw her with a racquet a few times as well. A tennis comeback was ruled out multiple times, but she will make a comeback to golf soon, as she revealed in an interview with the West Australian.

Barty loves golf and has been playing it for a long time. And will participate in the pro-am event at Queenstown’s Millbrook Resort. She will be one of the 156 amateurs participating in the event, hoping to make the final cut.

She enjoyed the atmosphere of the New Zealand Open even though she was there as a fan. This time around, she'll mingle with the professionals, so she's excited about it.

"The New Zealand Open is a fantastic event and I really enjoyed my time there this year supporting our friend Louis Dobbelaar. Having the opportunity to play in the pro-am event in 2024 is something I’m excited about, though I definitely need to start practising!"

"Golf has always been a passion of mine, I feel fortunate to be able to play in events like the New Zealand Open and experience an incredible course like Millbrook."

Playing at the pro-am event is going to be a bit nerve-racking for Barty, but eventually, she'll settle down. The whole point of playing is to just go there and enjoy herself which is a good mindset to have when going up against professionals.

"I imagine that first tee shot in front of everyone will be quite nerve-racking, but once the first ball hits the fairway, hopefully things should settle down. My aim is to go out there and enjoy every minute of it and hopefully make the weekend pro-am cut."


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