'I Don't Have Time': Barty Dismisses Comeback To Tennis Once Again

'I Don't Have Time': Barty Dismisses Comeback To Tennis Once Again

by Sebastian Dahlman

Ashleigh Barty confirmed once more that she's not planning a tennis return as she doesn't have time for that.

Barty has been out of tennis for over a year now, and it's been something that she hasn't regretted. The Australian loves tennis and loves competing, but she doesn't love many of the things that come along with it. She's not someone who enjoys being far away from friends or family and spoke often about being homesick.

She's also a mother now, something that's been a fantastic experience for her. Considering all of that, Barty has very little desire to return to tennis, and that's expected. Most assumed that she was done with tennis for good when she retired.

I don’t have the time – I don’t have the time to train, I don’t have the time to prepare, and I have so many great memories out on this court, and now I just get to create new memories. I’m certainly not coming out of retirement. Pat may be more likely than me.

Barty took part in the announcement ceremony of the next Brisbane International event, one she enjoyed playing the most, considering it was a hometown event. The Australian was upbeat during the ceremony but, as mentioned above, ruled out a return to tennis.

She's still involved in the sport, which will likely never change as she hopes to help the next generation of Australian players. Some talented players are coming up down under, and she's excited to see where it all will go in the next 5 to 10 years.

There’s obviously not as many girls in the top 100 as we would like, but there’s plenty coming through that are learning their craft, developing. I’m excited for the next five or 10 years to see where they can get to.


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