Andreescu Opens Up About How Federer Motivates Her After Reaching Libema Open Final

Andreescu Opens Up About How Federer Motivates Her After Reaching Libema Open Final

by Zachary Wimer

Bianca Andreescu was recently inspired by something Roger Federer said, and she shared what it was in a recent interview.

Tennis is a fairly interesting sport, and it's not always about math, as plenty of matches prove. A player can lose more points than they win and still win a tennis match, which has happened to the Canadian fairly recently.

It's fascinating to think about, and as someone with a lot of curiosity, Andreescu is aware of such stats. In fact, in the best-of-three format, a tennis player can win only 37% of points and still win a tennis match.

In her interview with the WTA Insider Podcast, Andreescu mentioned something she heard from Federer recently that motivated her quite a bit. The Swiss Ace recently gave a commencement speech at Dartmouth College, where he reflected on his own career by pointing out the tiny margins.

He won 82% of all the matches he played but only 54% of the points he played, which fascinated Andreescu as it demonstrated how close tennis matches can be and why it's important never to give up. She embodied that during a recent run at the Libema Open, which concluded in the final for her.

"He just points out how he won 80 percent of his matches, but he only won like 54 percent of those points, which is so crazy to think. Any match can go any way. Like, I think in my match against Kalinskaya in the second round at Roland Garros, I think I lost more points than I won. Never giving up is the main thing and I feel like I'm starting to get that back more and more, which is nice."

Unfortunately, the final didn't go her way, which left Andreescu quite emotional. However, she battled bravely the entire match. A late rally from being a break down got her within one game of winning her first trophy since 2019, but ultimately, she ran out of gas.

Still, that never-give-up attitude was very present that week, and it's something that she wants to keep going.


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