Federer Admits He Has Emotional Picture With Nadal From Retirement Framed At Home

Federer Admits He Has Emotional Picture With Nadal From Retirement Framed At Home

by Zachary Wimer

Roger Federer admitted to having a photo of himself with Rafael Nadal from his retirement ceremony framed in his home.

Federer's retirement was very emotional, and it particularly hit Nadal. The Spaniard cried more than the Swiss Maestro did during the ceremony, which showed the strong bond they had developed over the years.

They started as bitter rivals but slowly grew to become friends in a way with deep respect for one another. The legend of either is incomplete without mentioning the other player, and the retirement ceremony was just proof of how much emotion there was.

All the battles between them, from respect to the shared moments off the courts, boiled over in that moment, and it was beautiful to watch in a way. A picture of the two from that night is in Federer's home, and it sticks out to him every time he passes by it.

"I have the picture at home, framed, in a space where I have some other images of my career. I don't want photos everywhere, so I have them in a specific area. And when I pass in front of this one, it always catches my attention because it reflects our camaraderie, our friendship and also the rivalry, all in a single image."

Federer further expanded on that moment, which was significant for both. He said goodbye by playing doubles with Nadal, so it was a very fitting end. It's just a picture that encapsulates his journey in tennis, which largely overlapped with that of Nadal.

"It is a moment in which we are both able to reflect on everything we had just experienced, remembering our career and how lucky we have been to be tennis players, to have been able to turn our hobby into a dream profession. That's what that photo means to me. It was a great moment to hold his hand for a second, and basically, to show him my gratitude through that touch"


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