'Almost Veteran' Gauff Named 'Contender' For Wimbledon Title By Former British No. 1

'Almost Veteran' Gauff Named 'Contender' For Wimbledon Title By Former British No. 1

by Zachary Wimer

Former player Laura Robson named Coco Gauff among her favorites to win Wimbledon, calling her a veteran despite the American being only 20 years old.

As a very young teenager, Gauff announced herself to the wider tennis audience at Wimbledon years ago. The American has come a long way since then, earning a lot of experience, which is why some consider her almost a veteran on the WTA Tour.

She's been playing on a very high level for a few years now, and despite being only 20, the 2023 US Open winner has a lot of high-stakes matches under her belt. Another thing besides the experience that Robson talked about in the interview with Sky Sports is her ability to refocus.

Last year's Wimbledon was dreadful for her, arguably her worst showing ever, but the Brit doesn't think it will impact Gauff in any way.

"I don't feel like Coco dwells in the past. She won't be looking to lose first round, but at the same time I think she's always looking ahead, looking at what she can improve in her game and do better on court every time she's out there, which is why she's one of the most exciting players in the women's game."

Of course, her great attitude will be a huge bonus according to Robson and her level. She's just too good not to be considered among the favorites at any event she plays. Add in the experience, and you have a really strong player.

"She has such a great attitude and such a great team around her as well, so Coco is a contender in every tournament she plays - and has been since that run to the title at the US Open."

"In my mind, she's almost a veteran these days because she's been around for so long and had such a lot of experience, but she's still such a young player with a lot still to improve on."


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