17-Year-Old Andreeva 'Disappointed' After Missing Out On Historic Roland Garros Final

17-Year-Old Andreeva 'Disappointed' After Missing Out On Historic Roland Garros Final

by Zachary Wimer

Mirra Andreeva had a historic run at this year's Roland Garros, making the semi-final as a 17-year-old, but she was disappointed to fail to make the final.

Making a semi-final as a 17-year-old is a very notable feat because she became the youngest in 27 years to do that. There was a decent chance for her to make the final, though the match against Jasmine Paolini didn't go that well.

She seemed quite nervous and just missed a lot of balls that she generally puts into the court. The teenager did it against Aryna Sabalenka, but that's just part of the process for such a young player

A player needs to learn to pick their spots, which she didn't do that well against the Italian player. It was a painful loss that left her quite disappointed.

"I think for the next few days I will be a little bit disappointed, but I will still be watching the finals. I would say that I stay in my bed. I sleep for 12 hours. I do nothing."

"Well, we will have to travel to go back home, so I will not talk a lot. I will be too down on myself. I will never ask some questions. If somebody asks me, well, I will answer with a few words, and then I would rather somebody not to."

Being very emotional after losses is perfectly normal, especially for a teenager just starting her career. She doesn't have many painful losses to conclude from, so obviously, things will be quite tough for a while for her.

She admitted to struggling to find positives in losses, but with time, Andreeva will learn to better handle them because losses are part of tennis.

"After the losses, it's always tough to start to think positive again. I mean, maybe not for everyone, but for me I only have negative thoughts coming first. If you would ask me in the beginning of the tournament that do I expect to be in the semi-finals, I would say no...I would say it's a good result despite the loss. So I can take a lot of positives at this tournament."


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