WATCH: Best Numbers From Behind The Scenes At Australian Open

WATCH: Best Numbers From Behind The Scenes At Australian Open

by Jordan Reynolds

The 2024 Australian Open has now been completed, and a recent video has shown how much work goes into smoothly running a Grand Slam.

There was so much on-court drama at the opening Grand Slam of the year, with many epic matches being played. It was a fitting start to the season, and has raised excitement in the world of tennis for the rest of 2024.

Aryna Sabalenka did not drop a set as she stormed to her second Australian Open. However, despite her delight at this achievement, Sabalenka admitted that the first Grand Slam title is the sweetest, and that her emotions were different this time.

Jannik Sinner experienced the euphoria of claiming a first Grand Slam title in the men's singles. He did this with an amazing comeback in the final against Daniil Medvedev, and Nick Kyrgios feels Sinner could be unstoppable after that triumph.

Something that tennis fans do not see as visibly is the huge amount of effort that is needed to run a Grand Slam. The Australian Open X page put out a video demonstrating some this work by giving some incredible numbers.

There were 800 players across 68 countries at the opening Grand Slam of the year. The combination of men's and women's singles, men's, women's, and mixed doubles, wheelchair events, and junior matches created this very high number.

In addition, the 2024 Australian Open had an incredible 424 ball kids. The role and hard work of these kids often do not get fully appreciated. Hopefully, fans seeing how many of them are needed can show just how valuable their job is.

Other notable numbers include 130 cars being used to drive the players, over 250 million views on the Australian Open YouTube channel and 350 million people watching the tournament in Melbourne this year.

The four Grand Slams are the biggest events in tennis, and those numbers prove just how big they are.


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