'First One Is The Sweetest One': Sabalenka Shares Evolving Emotions Of Grand Slam Success

'First One Is The Sweetest One': Sabalenka Shares Evolving Emotions Of Grand Slam Success

by Zachary Wimer

Aryna Sabalenka won her second Grand Slam on Saturday, but she still feels that her first Australian Open triumph is the sweetest one.

There is a certain relief for players when they win a Grand Slam because it comes after a lot of hard work. The relief they feel after winning their maiden major is, however, something special because they've had a lifetime of hard work building up to that moment.

For Sabalenka, it happened last year at the Australian Open, and it's still something that's on her mind. A year later, she got her second Grand Slam, and it felt great. She's planning a huge party, but nothing will beat the sweetness of actually winning that first one, which happened a year ago, and she spoke about it to Vogue Australia after her win.

"I don’t know. I still think that the first one is the sweetest one, because it’s really tough to get the first one, and all the emotions and the things outside the court. But this one was really sweet and super special."

The second was still special for the Belarusian, who struggled to describe how she felt after winning that one. Winning a Grand Slam is always a pretty huge emotional relief because there is a lot of stress around it.

Overall, though, it's an experience that players would not trade for anything else because, for a tennis player, it is the ultimate goal. And every time, it's something special, whether it's their first or 24th.

"It’s hard to describe what I’m feeling right now, it’s a combination of happiness, being exhausted, being super excited and I can’t wait to come back. I feel like every time is different, you are facing different challenges."

Sabalenka now has two, but she wants more, and this year will present more chances. We'll see if she takes them in the coming months.


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